The project Ticket Taskforce is not really a project. The ” project Ticket Taskforce ” is a project-group that fixes small issues from older projects. The first step of this ‘project’ is that a costumer comes to us with a problem on the website that should already work according to the documentation we made. An error like this is called a ‘ticket’. ‘Tickets’ are resolved by the ticket taskforce. They have a list of tickets they can choose from. This way they can quickly learn specific things they want to learn. For example, I wanted to get better at having contact with my costumer. A ticket is the ideal way to learn this really quick. This is because tickets have to be resolved as quick as possible. I send a e-mail to the customer that the ticket was in progress, and that i needed some additional information to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible. After i did this i made the essential documentation and fixed the issues. After this i send another mail to make an appointment, and made documents for the costumer to sign so i had proof the ticket was resolved.


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