Keuzedelen-Systeem Scalda

The project “Keuzedelen-Systeem” is a project that was given to us by “Scalda”. Scalda is the name of our school-group. They wanted to give more information about ‘Keuzedelen” to the students. More information about this project coming soon.

“Kindertolk Zeeland”

The project ‘Kindertolk Zeeland’ was a project where the costumer wanted us to build a website where people would get more information about what she does as a ‘kindertolk’.

“Luctor Belting”

“Luctor Belting” is a company specialized in conveyor belts. They asked if it was possible for us to expand some icons to new pages. These pages had to give more information about the conveyor belts.


The project “Gamedesign” speaks for itself. We had to make designs for characters, enemies, levels, health, power-ups and special items. All the items / designs had to match, so the ‘game’ would have one matching design.


“Floomba” is a made-up company that sells candy. For this project we had to make a website that was focused on the target audience. To know what the target audience was we had to do research.


“Monkey-business” is a project where the students have to make a website in WordPress. They get .psd files, which only shows the lay-out of the website. The task is simple, recreate the website using code, and make it a theme.

“Tele 4”

The task of the “Tele4” project was to make a website for a telecom company. The name of the company was “Tele4” We had to make a style-guide for the website, and realize it aswell. At the end of the project coaches gave feedback on the realized product.


The project “Kringloopwinkel” also known as ‘Thrift Shop’ was a project where we had to make a website for a Thrift shop. This shop had to be designed as if it had a webshop.