“Floomba” is a made-up company that sells candy. For this project we had to make a website that was focused on the target audience. To know what the target audience was we had to do research. This way our coaches wanted to learn us how important it is to know who is going to visit the website. They said “If you know who is going to visit the website, you can make the website even more attractive to them”. This logical but important step is something people often forget. They make a website and sometimes don’t even know if the people who are visiting the website like how it looks / works.

The target audience for the “Floomba” project are children. This is because children are eating more candy than any categorie of people there is. So we made a styleguide with colors and images that children between the age of 6 – 11 are attracted to. This meant ‘Fun’ colors and ‘Fun’ icons.


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